Professional Transcription Company

Professional Transcription Company is a leading medical transcription service provider, comprising a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, excelling and exceeding customer's expectation of performance standards in delivering quality solutions. PTC's core strength lies in providing cost effective services to our clients employing web-based software technology without compromising quality.

1. Medical Transcription - All Specialties
2. Legal Transcription
3. Interviews & Surveys
4. Seminars & Lectures
5. Meetings & Teleconferences

PTC's cutting edge hardware and proprietary software is user friendly, efficient and delivers the solutions the client needs.

In keeping pace with new and developmental technology, we are consistently providing our clients with quality transcription, expeditious turnaround times, and competitive rates. Our ability to tailor solutions to the clients specific need, coupled with the utmost standards of professionalism which ensures the best solution for medical records requirements.